Countdown Party 2018 for Upper Beginners

ありがとう 2017 こんにちは 2018

Join my countdown party 2018!

Revise your te-form skill and take it into the next level before 2018 starts!

Countdown Party 2018 is a fun learning event which starts from 22nd to 31st December.

You’ll receive a variety of exercises such as reading, listening, speaking and more, every day.

It’s the best way to revise what you’ve learned in 2017 and to have a head start on 2018.

This event comes with a Lifetime Access so you can re-do all the course materials later.

The main topic covered in this event is Te form!

When you finish this event, you’ll be confident to create Te form sentences!

*The Countdown Party lesson will start on 22nd December

Get started now!